Supplementary Material - Mining Billions of AST Nodes to Study Actual and Potential Usage of Java Language Features

by Robert Dyer, Hridesh Rajan, Hoan Anh Nguyen, and Tien N. Nguyen

Table of Contents

Section 5.4 - RQ4 - Were there missed opportunities to use language features?

Boa Program: potential-uses.boa
Raw Data: potential-uses.txt
Figure 15 Generator:

This material mines potential uses for language features, shown in Figure 15.

The output contains five keys (each key represents a row in Figure 15):

Key Description
OldPotential Potential uses in old files.
NewPotential Potential uses in new files.
AllPotential Potential uses in all files.
FilesPotential Number of files with potential uses.
ProjectsPotential Number of projects with potential uses.

and each key contains an index for the feature being mined:

Key Index Column in Figure 6
Assert Assert
Varargs Varargs
BinaryLit Binary Literals
Diamond Diamond
MultiCatch MultiCatch
Underscore Underscore Literals

Boa Program: try-resources-bugs.boa
Raw Data: try-resources-bugs.txt

This material mines potential bugs from not using try with resources.

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