The BoaC Programming Guide - Domain-Specific Types

Custom domain-specific types for BoaC are described in this section. Note that when a type is shown for an attribute, the type might contain a question mark ("?"). This indicates that field may or may not be defined. When accessing these fields, be sure to first check if the given attr exists for a given object o: if (def(o.attr))

Paper A research paper
abstractarray of ParagraphA list of paragraphs in the abstract
bib_entriesarray of ReferenceA list of paper refereneces in the paper
body_textarray of SectionA list of sections in the body text
idstringThe 40-character sha1 of the paper
metadataMetadata?The metatdata of the paper
ref_entriesarray of ReferenceA list of figure/table references in the paper
Metadata A metadata of a research paper
authorsarray of AuthorA list of authors of the paper
doi_urlstring?The DOI (Digital Object Identifier) URL of the paper
journalstring?The journal where the paper was published
license_typestring?The license type of the paper
publish_timeint?The time when the paper was published
pubmed_idstring?The PubMed identifier of the paper
sourcestring?The source of the paper
titlestring?The title of the paper
Author An author of a research paper
affiliationAffiliation?The affiliation of the author
emailstring?The email of the author
firststring?The first name of the author
laststring?The last name of the author
middlearray of stringThe middle name of the author
suffixstring?The suffix of the author
Affiliation A Affiliation of an author
institutionstring?Institution name
laboratorystring?Laboratory name
locationLocation?Location information
Section A section inside a body text
bodyarray of ParagraphA list of paragraphs in the section
titlestring?The title of the section
Paragraph A paragraph inside a research paper
cite_spansarray of CitationA list of paper citations in the paragraph
ref_spansarray of CitationA list of figure/table citations in the paragraph
textstring?The text of the paragraph
Citation A citation inside a paragraph
ref_idstring?The id of the reference the citation, e.g. linked to Reference BIBREF0
textstring?The character repesentation of the citation, e.g. citation "[7]"
Location A location of an affiliation
addrLinestring?The address of the location
countrystring?The country of the location
postCodestring?The postcode of the location
regionstring?The region of the location
settlementstring?The settlement of the location
Reference A reference of a reaserch paper
authorsarray of AuthorA list of authors of the refered paper
issnstring?The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) of the refered paper
pagesstring?The pages of the refered paper
ref_idstringThe id of the reference for all kinds
textstring?The caption text of the figure/table
titlestring?The title of the refered paper
kindReferenceKind?The kind of the reference
venuestring?The venue of the refered paper
volumestring?The volume of the refered paper
yearstring?The publish year of the referd paper
enum ReferenceKind Describes the kind of Reference
BIBFor paper reference
FIGUREFor figure reference
TABLEFor table reference