Supplementary Material - Mining Billions of AST Nodes to Study Actual and Potential Usage of Java Language Features

by Robert Dyer, Hridesh Rajan, Hoan Anh Nguyen, and Tien N. Nguyen

Table of Contents

Section 5.5 - RQ5 - Was old code converted to use new language features?

Boa Program: converted-uses.boa
Raw Data: converted-uses.txt
Figure 16 Generator:

This material mines potential conversions, shown in Figure 16.

Data: conversions

This is the material used to manually verify the data shown in Figure 16. If a potential conversion was verified, it is replaced with a URL to the revision on SourceForge. If it wasn't verified, it was prefixed with '--' (meaning not a conversion) or '??' (meaning a complex conversion, that also included many other code changes). A few are marked '!!' meaning we had problems finding the revision online.

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